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Isogum SadrabamNovin Company

Isogum SadrabamNovin Company was established in 2010 with the aim of producing various kinds of moisture insulation materials in accordance with the worlds highest standard and from the starting point with providing first grade raw materials and also full compliance have been concentrating to satisfy the consumers welfare and sense of trust.

The emergence of the isogum industry

Housing construction is always possible and there is a twist in advertising plans. Man has a variety of ways and means to provide a comfortable and comfortable place to live now, rather than the atmospheric factors of the idea boat.
In Iran, due to the abundant climatic climates, oil resources have been a common habitat system for decades before the quarrying. Using the suggested methods, we can provide you with consulting services using natural resources. The sun is very practical and effective.

Roofing insulation (BPP)

Its a kind of Roofing insulation bitumen which is enhanced with plastic Polymers and enforced with a layer of fiberglass tissue and a layer of unwoven polyester.

Roofing insulation (BOF)

Its a pre-made insulation product based on oxidized bitumen which is enforced with a layer of fiberglass tissue and a layer of polyester.

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